FARMcurious Review: Learning How to Make Chèvre, Mozzarella and Burrata

At one point in my life when I was exploring career options, I considered cheesemaking. I did some research and quickly realized that it wasn't the path for me, but that doesn't mean I couldn't learn how to make cheese at home to simply enjoy. Cheesemaking has been on my list to learn for a few years and finally two weeks ago I took my first cheesemaking class at FARMcurious in Emeryville, along with Patrick and our friends Laquel (Kid Free Travel), Sandy (Foodhoe) and her husband Mr. K.  

In this class, founder Nicole Easterday teaches us how to make three types of cheeses (chèvre, mozzarella and burrata) in three hours, while we indulged in fresh cheese and wine pairings. The class is taught in a beautiful studio space that's set up with table stations already prepared with everything we needed to get started. 

Photo by Sandy of Foodhoe

Cheesemaking is very intimidating and requires a lot of technique. Nicole did a great job teaching the class and demystifying all three cheeses, breaking down the steps in a quick and easy way to understand, explaining what's going on with the milk and what each ingredient or technique does. I loved her teaching style, super approachable and warm with a great sense of humor. 

In a class of about 22 people who have never made cheese before, everyone's outcome varied slightly but all of the cheeses turned out beautiful and delicious.

My favorite was learning how to make the burrata, one of my favorite cheeses! Burrata looks like mozzarella and is made from mozzarella, but it isn't mozzarella. It has a solid skin of fresh mozzarella that's stretched to make a hollow pouch, then filled with heavy cream and mozzarella curds. It is so rich, buttery and milky. 

We all had such a blast that we're thinking about taking Nicole's brie and camembert cheesemaking class next. We really look forward to applying the skills we learned in class at home!

If you ever had a desire to learn how to make cheese, I would highly recommend her class. Check out her upcoming classes:

Thank you for a great experience, Nicole and FARMcurious! 

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