The Bird Review: Ridiculously Delicious Fried Chicken Sandwiches (FiDi, San Francisco)

For over the past two months, I've been going to The Bird at least every other week for their ridiculously delicious fried chicken sandwiches. If you've been following me on Instagram, you can probably tell that I'm obsessed. It is the best fried chicken sandwich I've ever had in my life. For real. 

I've had several fried chicken sandwiches throughout the East Bay and San Francisco, but nothing comes even close to The Bird. My favorite is the spicy chicken sandwich ($8). The thigh meat is huge, so juicy and moist. The meat has this really nice silky texture that's easy to bite into. The exterior is crispy with a nice golden crust that's coated in some kind of spicy paprika all-spice oil that gives off a mild level of heat, contrasting with the bright pickles and apple-celery slaw. 

I may just be lucky, but every sandwich I've had has been unbelievably on point and consistent. I've even taken a sandwich to go all the way home and it was still crisp the next day. Every person I've taken to join me has come back for more. There's usually a line during the lunch hour, so I make sure to get there by 11:30am. They move pretty quick - I usually get my food in less than 7 minutes. The curly fries are great, crispy and nicely seasoned. The loaded fries are a real treat if you're into having your fries dressed with gooey cheese sauce, sour cream, bacon and scallions. 

They recently started serving brown butter biscuit sandwiches ($4.50) for breakfast during the weekdays (ends at 10:30am), which I freakin' love. You can choose from the fried chicken, house made sausage or bacon. My favorite, of course, is the fried chicken, which is about half the size of the thigh served at lunch and comes with irresistible crispy hashbrown bites. 

If you love fried chicken sandwiches, you've got to try out The Bird

Visiting The Bird


115 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco





  • M-W: 8am-8pm, Th-F: till 9pm

  • Sat: 11-4pm

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