Recipe: Salmon Crudo with Capers and Dill

Does anyone else take pleasure in checking out the seafood display case at the market? I just love the variety of colors and textures of each sea creature. When I see a gorgeous piece of fish, I can't think of a better way to highlight it than to turn it into a crudo, an Italian preparation for raw fish. 

In this recipe from, thin slices of raw fatty salmon are carefully plated and garnished with chopped dill, capers and wild radish flowers from our garden, and then drizzled with a sweet and acidic shallot dressing. It's a great dish that stands on its own, but it's fantastic with a crusty epi pan.  

The crucial step to making this dish a success is slicing the salmon thin enough so that each piece is a mouth-watering tender bite, otherwise you'll be chewing on the pieces longer than ideal and it won't be as pleasant.  

If you're looking for an easy dish that is sure to impress your tastebuds (and best buds), this is a fantastic recipe: Salmon Crudo with Dill and Capers

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