Izzy's Steak & Chop House Oakland Review: Classic Carnivore Fare, Reasonable Prices, Generous Portions

If you're located in Oakland and looking for a good prime rib spot, you're in luck. Known for "quality steaks at competitive prices,” Izzy's Steak & Chop House is now open downtown. This means no more long drives to the touristy and over-rated House of Prime Rib in San Francisco to get your prime rib fix.

I love a quick and satisfying meal that leaves me full, and that's exactly what I got at Izzy's Oakland. The restaurant has a very casual, comfortable setting that makes me kind of feel like I'm at a dive bar.

The one-page menu features corn-fed USDA Choice Midwestern beef, pork chops, fresh fish, classic salads, creamed spinach, and potatoes au gratin. The dessert menu features classic American pies and cakes made in-house. 

I ordered the 12 oz prime rib at medium rare with a side of potatoes au gratin and creamed spinach. The prime rib was tender and juicy, perfectly seasoned throughout the cut, lovely crown. I took the jus on the side and poured it over the meat to create the perfect marriage. The potatoes au gratin didn't look appetizing visually, but it did taste good, very cheesy and creamy. I would have enjoyed the potatoes more if it were less mushy in texture. 

Patrick ordered the filet medallions au poivre, but he enjoyed the sauce more than the actual steak itself. It was cooked nicely to medium-rare as ordered, but the steak was unfortunately too under seasoned. 

The house made cheesecake is the bomb! I've never had a cheesecake that is so fluffy, creamy and smooth, almost ricotta-like in taste and texture. It had the perfect amount of buttery graham cracker crust. The raspberry coulis was a nice compliment, but I cannot say the same about the bland strawberry syrup. I highly recommend saving room for a slice of this heavenly cheesecake. 

Izzy's key lime pie is sweet and tart, thick and custard-like.  Patrick grew up eating a lot of key lime pie in Florida and says this pie is thicker than what he's used to, but it's one of the best slices of key lime pie he's had. I'm no key lime pie expert, but I loved it and couldn't get enough of that buttery graham cracker crust, which I believe is also the same one used in the cheesecake. We both would have preferred the key lime pie without the raspberry coulis because it was perfect on its own. 

Thanks for having us over as your guests for dinner, Izzy's Oakland. 

Visiting Izzy's Steak & Chop House Oakland 


59 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA




(510) 452-2822


The restaurant is open for nightly for dinner, Monday through Saturday from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. and on Sunday, 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

Happy Hour, Monday through Friday from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., affords guest the opportunity to partake of $5.00 house red or white wine, $4.00 select draft beers and a $7.00 Dragon Fruit Cosmos.

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