Recipe: Orangette's Pasta with Zucchini Squash Blossoms


Summer has greeted us with a bounty of these beautiful golden blossoms from our own garden and through Patrick's workplace (#wifeofavegetablesalesman). While most people batter and fry them, a much better way to enjoy the delicate flavors and really taste these blossoms is to toss 40 blossoms into a simmering stock with finely diced carrots, onions, celery and saffron. The slow simmer produces this beautifully concentrated, savory and sweet stock sauce that makes this pasta ridiculously addicting. 

The wonderful recipe for Pappardelle with Zucchini Blossom Sauce is posted on Molly Wizenberg's blog Orangette. In fact, we love this recipe so much that we've made it once per week in the past three weeks. 

The recipe is fantastic as is, but I would strongly recommend throwing in an extra egg yolk for richness and adding as many squash blossoms as you possibly can into the sauce because it will cook down.

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