Lungomare Review: Delectable Black Mulefoot Pigs, Beautiful Local King Salmon, and Waterfront Views (Oakland)

If you've never had the pleasure of eating black mulefoot pigs, you are truly missing out. Imagine the thought of your mouth salivating as you place a piece of nutty and luscious 16 month aged mulefoot proscuitto into your mouth. Black mulefoots are an extremely rare breed of swine known for its superior fatty flavor and it's very uncommon to see this breed of heritage pork offered at restaurants, yet it is a highlight at Lungomare

Lungomare is an Italian restaurant that's located along the waterfront in Jack London Square with a heavy focus on locally sourced, high quality ingredients. It's been around since 2013, but it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that I had the pleasure of dining there with my friend Sandy (Foodhoe) as guests of the house. Our dining experience at Lungomare was wonderful-  fantastic food (hello mulefoot piggies!), refreshing housemade fountain sodas, excellent service and beautiful waterfront views. More than anything else, Lungomare's food stands out because each dish makes me feels like I'm eating food that has been locally sourced, hunted, caught or foraged.

I am a sucker for housemade sodas, so I started the evening with a mandarin cream soda made with orange, roobios tea, vanilla and lactic acid, then moved onto the Thai basil ginger beer- I would highly recommend both.

Our feast begins with a heaven-sent black mulefoot charcuterie board featuring 16 month aged proscuitto, coppa di tessa (headcheese), ciccioli, and fuet, served with grilled bread and grain mustard.

The coppa di tessa is made using tongue, ear, snout and feet. It's rich and gelatinous with lovely cinnamon and clove flavors. Headcheese is a sure way to get into this heart of mine.

The fuet is a medium-hard salami with wonderful chunks of back fat, and the ciccioli is soft, salty pork belly spread.

Sandy and I loved these locally caught sardines topped with golden raisins, peppers and pine nuts. These sardines were fresh and mildly flavored, not as strong as we know most sardines to be. The flaky fish and sweetness of the golden raisins combined with the buttery pine nuts and peppers makes this simple dish quite explosive in flavor. It reminds me of this Sicilian pasta dish that Patrick and I frequently make at home: pasta con le sarde.

The next dish to arrive is the torchio, a smoked boar pasta with fava beans, kale and cipollini onions. I found this dish to be a tad bit on the saltier side, likely because it was smoked, but salty in the best possible way. I took the leftovers home for Patrick and he fried up an egg over top and loved it. Lungomare, please take note to put an egg on it as an option :).

Then out comes this beautiful local wild king salmon that just melts in your mouth- check out that nice marbling. Oh, how I love the spring season- sunchokes, sugar snaps, artichokes, fiddle heads and pea sprouts. It felt like Chef Craig DiFonzo went out into the wild to create this magical dish. Truly one of the best salmon dishes I've had. 

By this point, we are stuffed to the point where we're unable to eat anymore, but who says no to dessert? Definitely not us as we indulged in this amazing chocolate budino with sea salt caramel and crispy chocolate balls.  Oh my goodness, that caramel layer was so thick and hard to resist.

Thank you for a fantastic dinner, Lungomare! I look forward to coming back for more.

Visiting Lungomare


1 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607



(510) 444-7171


  • Dinner: Su-Th. 5:30p - 10:00p. Fri&Sat. 5:30p - 11:00p.
  • Lunch: Mon-Fri. 11:00a - 3:00p.
  • Cafe: Everyday. 6:45a - 4:00p.
  • Mid Day: Everyday. 3:00p - 5:30p.
  • Brunch: Sat&Sun. 9:00a - 3:00p.
  • The Lounge: Everyday. 11:00a - till..

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