Exploring Copenhagen: Höst Review

If you're new to New Nordic cuisine, Höst is a great place to start. Located in central Copenhagen, Höst is disguised as an upscale restaurant that's casual, delightful, and surprisingly very affordable. Known for their high quality food and beautiful award-winning interior, the restaurant name translates to "harvest", which is appropriate for their use of local and seasonal ingredients.  

Photo Credit:  http://xn--hst-sna.dk/

Photo Credit: http://xn--hst-sna.dk/

Thanks to my sweet co-worker Maggie, my first introduction to New Nordic cuisine was an outstanding one. The food at Höst was delectable. The innovation, flavors and textures of each dish blew all of our minds. I've lost count of how many times the word "brilliant" was used that night.

Our entire party of seven opted into the three-course tasting menu priced at 325 kr. ($49). In between the courses were small bites meant to stimulate and tease our appetites. Each dish kept us all engaged and pleasantly surprised with flavors that we normally wouldn't expect. 

Dinner started with salted scallops beautifully plated in their own shells. The scallops were very fresh and melted in my mouth. It tasted like a scallop ceviche with diced apples and watercress in a light buttermilk dressing. 

I've never had a bread tasting like this:  rye muffins with wheat grass butter and mini popovers. I know what you're thinking - wheat grass butter? Trust me, it was really good and the wheat grass is muted just enough that you don't taste that grassy-ness. 

The hake with clam sauce, baby spinach, and puree of sorrel and parsley was excellent. The hake is a very mild tasting fish that resembles cod, had a beautiful cook like it could have been sous vide. 

A poached egg yolk with whipped whites topped with crumbled crisps was presented to us with a pour over of a very rich mushroom and sherry stock. The egg whites tasted like a meringue. The golden yolk had this stand-still yet slightly oozy texture that resembled custard. Very rich, really good. 

For the main entree, we were presented with a thick slice of pork neck topped with charred cabbage and a bean-ham sauce. Disappointingly, my pork was overcooked, slightly dry and tough. The gravy-like sauce was unbalanced, concentrated and too salty that it took away from the flavors of the pork.

We finish dinner with two unique desserts: salted caramel ice cream with pop rocks and spelt ice cream with apple puree and wheat grain, which tasted like a beer apple pie. 

I would highly recommended checking out Höst. If you're in the area, it's a must. 



Nørre Farimagsgade 41, 1364

København K, Denmark




+45 89 93 84 09


  • Monday to Sunday: 17.30 - 24.00

  • Last orders: 21.30

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