The Dosa Brothers Introduce A Fresh & Flavorful Indian Street Food Experience to FiDi & Opens Second Location (San Francisco)

Dosa Brothers - Dosa Dosa

There's a new Indian lunch option in the FiDi that's serving up dosas and it's really damn good. This post is a confession of my love for The Dosa Brothers (Dosa Dosa), which opened two months ago at 598 Market and last week opened a second location at California and Market, only a block away from my office. 

Dosa Dosa

For those unfamiliar, a dosa is traditionally known as a fermented crepe made from rice batter and lentils stuffed with vegetables and served with chutneys, sambar and Indian pickles. It is a staple dish of southern India. 

On my first visit on a Tuesday, I arrived 5 minutes before the lunch rush, which thankfully prevented me from waiting in a line with twelve other people. One may wonder if it's worth the wait and my immediate answer is absolutely yes! The Dosa Brothers truly makes dosas worth waiting in line for - and an order actually moves really fast. 

Dosa Dosa

The Dosa Brother's version of a dosa gives it a modern twist, filling up a light, thin and crispy crepe (gluten free) with three choices: potato pea curry, paneer mattar, or a mixture of both. Their dosas are topped with a spiced lentil sauce, coconut chutney and awesome sauce (sour cream, jalapeno and cilantro). You can bet on having an explosion of flavors bursting in your mouth bite after bite.

Dosa Brothers - Dosa Dosa

I would highly recommend getting the paneer dosa with spring mix. It's made with fresh cheese, peas, onions, and ginger. The cheese is creamy and you can really taste and see all the different spice components used. The paneer has a very nice and mildly spicy kick, which goes really well with the sour cream, jalapeno and cilantro sauce.  The spring mix (cabbage and herbs) also adds in a refreshing component to counter the heat. This is almost like an Indian-style burrito. 

Dosa Brothers - Dosa Dosa

Final Thoughts

This is a perfect spot for lunch because it's convenient, quick and reasonably priced at $8 to $10. It's also a really cool experience to watch it get created before your eyes. 

It really doesn't get any better than this.  I can't stop thinking about these dosas. 


  • Be sure to eat it immediately after ordering so you can enjoy the crispiness of the dosa. 
  • It doesn't mention it on the menu, but they also serve delicious hot and sweet chai tea. 

FOOD Snapshots

Dosa Brothers - Dosa Dosa
What it looks like inside. 

What it looks like inside. 

The coconut chutney up close and personal. 

The coconut chutney up close and personal. 

VISITING The Dosa Brothers


There are two locations within the Financial District, the original location at 598 Market St. and their newest second location at California and Market in front of the Hyatt. If you don't want to wait in line, you can order online and it will be ready in 10 minutes at the Market/Montgomery location or California/Market location. 


Dosa Dosa Menu


  • Lunch: Monday - Friday: 10am-3pm


(415) 378-0984

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