Lunch Spots in San Francisco - August 2014 Edition

My lunch trips slowed down dramatically in August because I was in Florida for a week and because work was so busy that I brought in food from home versus going out as much. From the six places that I visited, I did discover some great new dishes that are well-worth multiple visits back.

My favorite meal from this list is a tie between the unexpected ramen bowl from Prospect and the lava nachos from Sushiritto. Luckily, I only had one mediocre meal from Out the Door.

Here's a quick list of the lunch spots I visited, followed by reviews and photos of what I ate: 

Propspect SF - Baby Back Ribs Ramen

Prospect @ FiDi, SF

I never would have imagined walking into Prospect to see a ramen option on the menu, so I was curious to try it. I'm glad I ordered it because the ramen was so good; the bowl exceeded all my expectations. The broth was made in-house, rich and deep in flavor. The baby back ribs were generous and so were the thick slices of chashu pork. Both of the meats were tender and juicy. The egg was cooked perfectly and the yolk had a nice ooze to it. Loved the pickled shiitake mushrooms - sweet and acidic. The noodles were the only component that I can see needing improvement - it was a bit tasteless. Given all of it, I would recommend trying this place out if you were in the area and I would order the ramen again. 

Sushiritto - Lava Nachos

Sushiritto @ FiDi, SF

The lava nachos were so freakin' good. Sushiritto uses brown rice chips topped with tuna picante, melted pepper jack cheese, avocado, green onions, and nori strips. Each bite is explosive - and dare I say, maybe even a bit orgasmic. I crave for this very often. The portion size is generous, so one order will fill you up good. 

Senior Sisig - Pork Sisig with Fried Egg and Rice

Senor Sisig @ FiDi, SF

Pork sisig with a fried egg over rice is one of the best ultimate comfort foods. I had their sisig tacos before and can say that you really haven't had sisig said unless you've eaten it with the dripping sauces it was cooked in and over rice with an egg. 

White Rabbit Ice Cream

I also picked up "White Rabbit" ice cream made by Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous exclusively for Señor Sisig. For those who don't know, White Rabbit is a popular Asian candy I grew up eating that is best described as chewy creamy milk taffy.

The texture of the ice cream was almost chalk-like but fluffy. The taste represented White Rabbit accurately. Overall, it was unique and I enjoyed it.

Ayola @ FiDi, SF

Ayola serves up a mean and tasty beef & lamb gyro. It's one of the more affordable options in SF that is sure to fill you up and leave you satisfied. It's a lot of meat wrapped in a fluffy pita.

Antichuco Pulpo - La Mar SF


I cannot imagine a better place to have lunch than La Mar. The fresh-caught seafood, pisco sours and gorgeous view is my way to get away for a couple of hours. I was invited for a hosted meal and loved their causas, cebiches, and seafood entrees. Check out the review + photos on this post: Excellent Peruvian Seafood & Beautiful Views of the Bay at La Mar Cebicheria Peruana

Out the Door - Shrimp Vermicelli Bowl

Out the Door @ EMBARCADERO, SF

The shrimp vermicelli bowl was mediocre. I grew up eating vermicelli bowls all of my life and this was the puniest bowl I've ever had. You get a few small rubbery shrimps and a small amount of noodles and vegetables. This moment reminds me of the disappointing experience you get when you know you've overpaid for bad Chinese food.

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