15 Minute Meals with Prep Cook's Kit - Mac & Cheese Review

Prep Cook's Macaraoni & Cheese Kit

Prep Cook is a new convenience food company based out of Oakland with a facility in Alameda. The idea behind the company is to make it effortless to cook by having all the prep work done for you. They aim to make affordable, healthy food that's easy to cook at home. The meal kits they offer are made fresh daily using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. 

Prep Cook was founded by Damien King-Kostelac, former Town Hall restaurant executive sous chef, and Mike Chong, a technologist and entrepreneur. The way it works is you place your order on your computer or mobile device, choose your delivery option, then go home and cook your meal and have it ready in 15 minutes. 

Taking a look at their current menu, the prices are very affordable with sides starting at $4.27 a serving and entrees at $6.24 a serving. Kits can be picked up in SF or delivered by bike depending on your location. New recipe options are added weekly and they also offer vegetarian and gluten-free options. They currently have a limited number of meal options with the same menu per day for this week, which could be difficult if you're not fancying any of the options provided. 

Prep Cook Mac & Cheese Giveaway

Prep Cook is giving away 500 servings of their macaroni & cheese kits to bring awareness to their service on 5/12 and 5/13.

I stopped by to pick one up, went home, cooked it and it really did take 15 minutes! The meal was effortless to make. I tasted each component alone before mixing it together; the pasta was cooked al dente and the cheese sauce was light and creamy but was on the bland side, which I think it's supposed to be so you can season it to your liking. I added some salt and smoked paprika which made the sauce come together nicely. The bacon was cooked well - crispy but tender with some fat still intact. The dish overall was simple but tasty; it needed a lot more cheese sauce. When I think of macaroni & cheese, the visions of macaroni swimming in cheesy and decadent sauce come to mind, but Prep Cook's version has enough sauce to just coat the pasta. 

Prep Cook's Macaraoni & Cheese Kit

Today is the last day of the macaroni & cheese giveaway and I would recommend stopping by if you're in the area to check out what Prep Cook is all about.  The first 250 people to arrive at their delivery truck on Tuesday, May 13 at 5pm will receive a free kit. The truck will be parked on the corner of California and Battery in downtown San Francisco

Next week, I'm going to test out some more Prep Cook meals and add them into our weekly dinner calendar. I'm looking forward to checking out their other offerings and will report back shortly on my thoughts. 

Prep Cook's Macaraoni & Cheese Kit

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