First Look: Proper Food - Organic, Fresh, & Local Takeaway (Financial District, SF)

Proper Food in San Francisco

Proper Food is a new organic breakfast and lunch grab-and-go spot that is opening up today, Monday, May 12, 2014. The food is prepared every morning and sourced fresh and locally. Juan Munoz is the executive chef and has a good amount of experience from working as a sous chef at The Plant Cafe Organic, The City Club of SF, and Tender Greens. 

My co-workers and I were walking along Mission Street on our way to lunch when we noticed Proper Foods. There was a guy standing outside and saw our interest, asked if we worked nearby, and invited us to try out some samples. Of course, we went for it and were all pleasantly surprised and excited to see that these "samples" actually meant full entire meals. 

Proper Food San Francisco - Selections

THE FOOD: There was a wide selection of packed and ready to go dishes to choose from. I felt like a kid in a toy store and was able to take a grab from any of the following options: seared lemon ahi tuna salad, miso salmon over noodles, charbroiled flank steak, grilled wild octopus with garbanzo frisee salad, sandwiches, lasagna, baby spinach salad, and tofu spring rolls. In addition to fresh vegetable and fruit juices.

Proper Food San Francisco - Lunch Time

Everything looked wonderful, but I decided to get the grilled octopus with garbanzo frisee salad, along with an orange, carrot, and ginger juice. The grilled wild octopus had a great char to it. It was tender with a nice bite. It was overall very flavorful and I liked it a lot. The octopus alone had a touch too much salt, but when you eat it with the garbanzo beans and frisee the pairing is quite nice and the flavors balance each other out. The garbanzo beans were lightly seasoned with a lemon vinaigrette - very simple and tasty. The juice was refreshing with a heavier focus on the orange more so than carrots with a hint of ginger.

Proper Food San Francisco - Octopus and Garbanzo Salad

One of my co-workers got the miso salmon with noodles and wasn't impressed. He wished he had gotten something else. I tasted it and thought the salmon was a bit on the bland side.  

THE PRICES: It's not the cheapest place by any means, but with locally sourced organic ingredients being used that leaves your body feeling good afterwards, I thought it was worth it. The time is something to factor in as well because you simply cannot beat the quick convenience of the food packed and all ready to go. It ranges around $10 to $15 per dish, giving a reasonable amount of food, leaving our entire party full and satisfied. The juice on the other hand is competitive with prices in the area, which I believe was $6.95 for 16 fl oz. I juice daily, so I cannot justify paying that price myself for a bottle. 

THE SPOT: The decor and building was modern and minimal. I loved the floor design. You can think of it as a pretty nice looking convenience store.

SEATING OPTIONS: There doesn't appear to be any seating inside, but there is a great amount of nice tables and seats upstairs in the shared rooftop garden area. 

Overall, this place looks promising and has great potential. I like their concept and would go back when I'm in need of a quick bite that's filling, healthy, satisfying and delicious. I'm glad that we stumbled upon this place. 

Proper Food San Francisco - Opens May 12

LOCATION: Proper Food, 100 First St. San Francisco, CA 

HOURS: Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m to 3 p.m.


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