Fried Chicken Breast and Thighs at the Gold Club (Strip Club) in SF

Fried Chicken Gold Club SF - Bites & Bourbon

I've only been to a strip club once in my life before having lunch at the Gold Club, a strip club in San Francisco. I appreciate attractive women and think that strip clubs are fantastic (with limitations), so when you put together crispy fried chicken and topless women in one place, you bet that I will be there. The overall experience started out a bit uncomfortable and awkward then quickly turned into a nice and relaxing time. The food was good and the crowd was great for people watching. 
Just a few weeks ago, my small party and I nervously approached the club right at noon to be greeted by a bouncer who opened the door and welcomed us. Once let in, we walked over to the cashier counter to pay the five dollar minimum cover charge. I traded in my bills for singles in case we decided to sit in the front. 

We entered to see a girl at the very top of the pole sliding downwards to a Lana Del Rey song. It was quite beautiful and amazing to see what some of these girls can do with the pole. Then we made our way over to the buffet where there was a variety of food, such as steak medallions with gravy, Chinese food, a salad bar and of course, their infamous crispy fried chicken.

I was not expecting much from this place but the fried chicken was crispy, nicely seasoned, juicy and moist. It isn't the best fried chicken I have ever had but it is maybe two steps up from the normal fried chicken fast food chains. If I'm considering $5 for all I can eat, that's a pretty good deal that is hard to beat. I say pass on everything except for the fried chicken, brownies and cookies. The cookies were nice, chewy, and soft. There was also a decent salad bar but I didn't touch any vegetables.

The crowd was majority male, a small variety of techies that work in the area, some lonely engineers, and mostly blue-collar workers. 

The setup is a bit strange because you can eat here and watch the show without tipping the girls dancing, which made me feel very uncomfortable because some of the girls were really good and deserved a nice tip. You really only tip if you're sitting in the front of the stage and because it was during the day and no one was really sitting up front, it was kind of sad to see some strippers get little to nothing. 

When we finished up with lunch, we decided to sit up front to get a better view and to start tipping them for the entertainment they're providing. The chat interactions are always awkward for me when I sit up front. It's usually small chit-chat or "fake" chit-chat, where the girl doesn't say anything but leans over and pretends to whisper in my ear. I enjoyed watching their bodies and dance moves up close. 

The visit was awesome and I will go here the next time I want to eat fried chicken and relax with some entertainment. It's a fun place and I look forward to coming back! 

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