Incanto's Leg of Beast Dinner - Incredible Meal to Remember

Incanto, an Italian meat-and-offal centric eatery located in Noe Valley, recently announced that they were closing and will have their last dinner service at the end of March. Thank goodness for luck and timing because Patrick and I recently attended a wonderful dinner at Incanto, for the first time, with some friends. It was a special event not only because we were going to all experience the Leg of Beast dinner for our party of 8 but because I was also reuniting with a friend who I haven't seen in four years! I was excited for a night of catch-up and delicious meaty goodness. 

Incanto Leg of Beast Dinner | Bites & Bourbon |

Our meal begins with a nice mixture of bread and tapanade, along with some appetizers, a plate of Boccalone charcuterie and a refreshing crisp radicchio salad. 

Incanto Boccalone Plate | Bites & Bourbon |

The roasted vegetables, toasts with salt, mustard, and horseradish, and cannellini beans arrive as sides for the beef shank. 

Incanto Leg of Beast Dinner | Bites & Bourbon |

Now the moment that everyone was waiting for, the leg of the hour....  THE LEG OF BEAST, a bone-in braised beef shank accompanied by 8 large bone marrows full of the richest god's butter. If there was a candid camera shot, it would've captured all of our happy jaw-dropped faces. 

Incanto Leg of Beast Dinner | Bites & Bourbon |
Incanto Bone Marrow | Bites & Bourbon |

The entire spread was delicious and we enjoyed every bit of it completely clean. The shank was cooked perfectly, nice flavor and incredibly juicy. I loved the fatty gelatinous tendons! The roasted vegetables had a great bite and texture - and the roasted mandarin oranges gave it a nice bitter yet candied-brightness. 

Incanto Leg of Beast Dinner | Bites & Bourbon |

Our waitress applauded us for finishing it completely - apparently, not many parties do. I don't know if that's something we should be proud about...  but we were full and happy (and a bit buzzed from the great wine we had all night). 

The night ended with a savory-sweet pumpkin-apple crostata. The pastry texture was nice and had a good overall flavor but it didn't work for us as a dessert. We all agreed that it was better suited as a breakfast pastry than dessert, which left us a bit unsatisfied with the dessert portion. 

Incanto Pumpkin Apple Dessert | Bites & Bourbon |

Overall, we loved our dining experience and were happy to have had the opportunity to dine at Incanto. I'm looking forward to seeing what Chris Consentino comes up with for that space. I'm sure the spirit of Incanto will live on within his next venture. 

Incanto, 1550 Church St. San Francisco, CA -  Last day is March 24. 

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