Humphry Slocombe Opens at Ferry Building - Opening Day (Photos)

Humphry Slocombe Butter by Moodlight and Salted Caramel

I've been waiting for Humphry Slocombe to open for several months since the announcement.  I've had their ice cream a couple of times at different locations and loved it but because it was so far away from me, I couldn't make it out often.  I frequent the Ferry Building a couple of times a week and the anticipation was killing me because [1] I'd see more progress and development of the store, [2] they were promoting ice cream pints from their carts around mid-February, and then [3] the white wall comes up with a list of flavors to expect a couple of weeks before opening. When the news hit that they were opening today, I was definitely on it. 

Humphry Slocombe Ferry Building Location

The store opened at 11am but I had a meeting, so once it ended at 11:45am I zoomed out of my office and speed-walked all the way to the Ferry Building. I was happy to see there was no line. I was even happier to see their exclusive flavors sold only at that location. I had a couple of tastes; the peanut butter curry was intense and strong - wasn't my cup of tea but it worked and was really nice. Had a taste of the secret breakfast for old time's sake. I ended up with two scoops, a salted caramel with cocoa nibs and the exclusive flavor butter by moodnight

The salted caramel with cocoa nibs was fantastic - great rich salted caramel flavor with a slight bitterness from the cocoa nibs. But butter by moodnight stole the entire show - inspired by Virgin America’s moodlighting, this flavor is a creamy combination of brown butter and blueberry glaze. I think that officially just became one of my favorite ice cream flavors. They nailed down the nice melted brown butter taste incredibly well and that blueberry glaze was the perfect addition to make it a winning combo. 

I am so happy that this location is only steps away from my office - this is going to be dangerous but I know it's worth every scoop. 

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