First Look: Sachio's Ramen Shop! Review at Seismic Joint - Pier 15 (San Francisco)

Sachio's Ramen Shop! Seismic

Chef Sachio Kojima, known for Seaglass, has launched a new lunch-only ramen bar operating out of the Seismic Joint, located at Pier 15. I heard about this yesterday on Eater SF and immediately went to check it out today.

I arrived right when they opened at 11am and was pleased to see no line. I put in my order and received the ramen in less than 5 minutes.

Sachio's Ramen Shop!

The Ramen Review

Sachio's Ramen Shop! Shoyu with Chashu

Shoyu Ramen with Chashu ($9.50)

The ramen comes with two slices of thin pork, soft boiled egg, bamboo shoots, seaweed, green onions, green beans, and shitake mushrooms. The egg was lovely and the ramen noodles were tender to bite with a nice level of chewiness. The broth was enjoyable, but lacked seasoning and richness. The pork slices were thin, a bit on the dry side and lacking fat. The green beans didn't add much to the ramen experience, however the bamboo shoots and shitake mushrooms were sweet and flavorful.

Overall, I enjoyed it for what it was and I was very happy to try it, but I probably wouldn't go back unless I was in the area looking for something quick to warm me up.

Visiting Sachio's Ramen Shop!

The Menu

Sachio's Ramen Shop Menu


  • Tuesday - Friday: 11am-3pm 
  • Saturday - Sunday: 11am-4pm


Pier 17, San Francisco, CA 94111

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