First Look: Townie Brunch Review - A Brunch Lover's Dream Come True (Berkeley)

Townie Brunch - Berkeley

Townie in Berkeley recently announced their brunch service a couple of weeks ago and I was thrilled because the East Bay is in need of more good brunch options. I've been to Townie once a few months ago for dinner shortly after they opened, so if you want to get up to speed on what Townie is all about, check out my post here: Just Opened: Townie Review - Pleasant Casual Eatery & Neighborhood Bar in Berkeley.

Patrick and I were invited to a hosted brunch last weekend and the restaurant exceeded our expectations, setting a high bar for what a good brunch experience should be. The menu options were unique and scrumptious, full of guilty options to indulge in. There are three main reasons why we're big fans:

  1. The menu offers unique and delicious options that we haven't found elsewhere. 
  2. Due to their specific location on University Ave., there's not much foot traffic, so you'll get two positive outcomes from this: no lines to get in and you'll be seated quickly to enjoy a relaxing brunch. 
  3. I don't normally express my thoughts on prices, but I have to mention that the menu is very reasonably priced, which surprised us given the other brunch spots in the area. The menu is listed at the end of the post. 
Townie - Berkeley

The Food

Townie Brunch Cocktail - Berkeley

Morning Blush Cocktail

I started brunch with a lovely morning cocktail containing meyers white rum, grapefruit, lime, simple syrup, and fever tree tonic. It was light, fruity, and easy to drink. I was a big fan and could easily drink a few of these. 

Townie Brunch Pork Belly Benedict - Berkeley

Braised Pork Belly Egg's Benedict

It's my life's mission to find the finest egg's benedict. When I see it on a menu, I have to order it. At Townie, you can expect to see perfectly poached eggs, a lovely rich and generous portion of hollandaise sauce, and four thick slices of braised pork belly that will melt in your mouth like butter. 

Townie Brunch Hashbrowns - Berkeley

Fried Hashbrowns with House Ketchup

These hash browns were the best we've ever had in our lives. The crispy exterior of the hash browns were very satisfying and the seasoning is spot on. We want to come back every week just for this alone. 

Townie Brunch Burger - Berkeley

Breakfast Burger 

The burger was delicious, plump and juicy. It was cooked to medium perfection. Inside you can expect to see hash browns and a lovely egg with melted gruyere cheese. The only thing I could question is the type of burger bun used. While it held the burger together nicely, I thought it lacked a softness. Overall, the burger was very satisfying (and would be great for a hangover).

Townie Brunch Oysters - Berkeley

Marin Miyagi Oysters

I loved these my last visit and my feelings remain the same for these addicting sweet succulent oysters. I personally think it's worth $3 a piece. 

Final Thoughts

While our meal was complimentary, we are still obsessing over everything we ate and look forward to coming back. Townie is a neighborhood gem worth traveling to for a satisfying brunch. 

Thanks so much for brunch, Townie!


The Brunch Menu

Townie Brunch Menu - Berkeley
Townie Brunch Cocktail Menu - Berkeley


1799 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA



  • Brunch: Saturday to Sunday: 10 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • Dinner: Tuesday to Sunday from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m.

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