First Look: Ice Cream at Bootleg Creamery in Berkeley (Review)


I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by wonderful premium artisan ice cream shops and was excited to see that there was a new addition joining the East Bay's great ice cream family. I discovered Bootleg Creamery, a new brand of artisanal ice cream located in Berkeley, on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. I had to try some, so I ordered two pints, salted caramel and Mexican hot chocolate. I met and picked up the ice cream from Jessica, the owner and ice cream maker. She was super sweet and nice - it was nice to chat a bit and hear her story. 


I think that Bootleg Creamery is going to huge. Patrick and I tasted the ice cream and loved it. The Mexican hot chocolate ice cream was incredible; the chocolate was rich and creamy with a nice spicy kick consisting of Saigon cinnamon, cloves and cayenne. It represented Mexican hot chocolate very well. The salted caramel was very nice, different from any other salted caramel that I've had. It was like eating caramel candies with a salty and slightly bitter taste. While both tasted great on their own, combining them together was a really delicious combination. 

I am really looking forward to try more flavors, especially the mascarpone fig, toast & jam, and the chocolate peanut butter. I will definitely be ordering more in the future after we're done with our two pints!  The price is $8 per pint, which is in line with other ice cream shops in the Bay Area. 

Bootleg Creamery is currently available for pickup or delivery:

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