Coming Soon: Kyu 2 Sushi Restaurant in Emeryville

UPDATE on 9/10/13: I walked by the restaurant today and they said they expect to open within 1 to 2 weeks.  

I was biking in my neighborhood the other day and noticed construction of a new restaurant and menu posted.

I'm happy to report that Emeryville will get a new sushi restaurant soon called Kyu 2 Sushi, a possible sister restaurant of Kyu Sushi & Robata in San Francisco. Yelp reviews of their San Francisco location indicates good things, so maybe Emeryville will finally get a good quality sushi restaurant.

I took a peek inside of the restaurant and it looks great - rustic wood look, cozy, small and intimate, yet casual. 

I tried researching on the interwebs to find out anything about the restaurant, but looks like it hasn't been covered yet.  

Here are photos of the menu they posted outside of their window:

I am really looking forward to trying this place out. The price points are pretty good and the best part is, it's only blocks away from my home and office. 

Location: 6485 Hollis St. Emeryville, CA 94608


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