Eleven Madison Park - My Orgasmic Fine Dining Experience (Review)

Eleven Madison Park is a "New French" restaurant located in Manhattan's Flatiron district, considered as one of the best restaurants in the world. The culinary mastermind behind Eleven Madison Park is Daniel Humm, known for his classical but contemporary gastronomic style. The restaurant achieved three Michelin stars and is one of the toughest places to get a reservation to. If you plan ahead as I did and don't give up, you may have a shot.

Oyster, wood sorrel, buckwheat, mignonette

Oyster, wood sorrel, buckwheat, mignonette

I'd like to believe that my experience is unique than most because I was a solo diner. I was on a business trip and Patrick couldn't take the time off work to join me. While I have dined solo at casual restaurants, this is my first time dining solo at an extravagant restaurant. I was nervous and unsure of what I would do for three hours of my time alone but to my surprise it was quite nice and casual. I felt completely comfortable; watching the theatrics of the service roles was more than enough to occupy me, in addition to people watching and playing with my iPhone every so often.

I was a blown away completely by the entire three hour dining experience of 16 courses. It is one of the finest restaurants that I've ever been to with such amazing levels of execution from the superb and personable service to the mind-blowing orgasmic food. The details of every little thing from the in-between meals table setup to the handcrafted plates by Jono Pandolfi to the plating details of the food was hands down excellent.

Each course that came out was a surprise - I didn't get my menu until after the dinner. Of all the spectacular 16 dishes I had, my absolute favorite was the 140 day aged rib eye. Next to that would be the foie gras with seared sunchokes, dates, and water chestnut. Then my third favorite is the poached lobster with rutabaga, pear, and lovage bisque. I am salivating as I write this!

Dining at Eleven Madison Park was an experience of a lifetime. It is one of the priciest dinners I've ever had with a tag of $350 for one person (no wine pairing but includes two glasses of wine).  I would highly recommend it for a romantic evening, business, or a special occasion.  I only wish I was able to share this moment with Patrick and not just solo; hopefully one day in the future we can revisit this fine restaurant again together.

Here are the iPhone photos of most of the items on the menu, along with the descriptions, in order of when it was served. Because the restaurant uses natural lighting, the photos towards the end of the meal taken were dim. Some items not pictured but were also delicious is the savory black and white cheddar cookies, egg cream and take-home granola in a mason jar.

For those interested in creating these dishes at home, you can get the Eleven Madison Park Cookbook.


Date of Dinner: 3/27/2013

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