Atelier Crenn - The Best Fine Dining Experience Ever (Review)

Patrick and I celebrated our three year anniversary in July at Atelier Crenn, located in the Marina District in San Francisco. Dominique Crenn is a fantastic artist, poet, and chef. She is the only female chef in the United States with 2 Michelin Stars (Go, Girl!).  

Atelier Crenn is known for their poem menu, beautiful plating, and most of all, their delicious & creative food. It is often compared to The French Laundry (which I can't compare to since I haven't been yet). While there are some who'd argue that the food isn't worth the price tag, we thought the experience was mind-blowing and the best fine dining restaurant that we both have been to. Prior to Atelier Crenn, the top of my list was James Syhabout's Commis in Oakland and Cory Lee's Benu in SoMa, San Francisco. 

The technique and execution of each plate was perfect. My taste buds were doing a sexy dance and my mouth had a wonderful orgasm. The experience can be best described as "walking deep in the woods", which is one of the lines on the menu to represent a foraged mushrooms dish. The ingredients are high quality, seasonal, and fresh.

In total, we had 12 courses along with amuse bouches. It took a total of three hours (Patrick was starting to fall asleep after the 6th course - photo below in slideshow). The price with tip included and one wine pairing (very generous pours) was $665 for both of us. It was worth every penny and I would highly recommend dining here for a very special occasion, if you're into smaller plates and a creative dining experience.

My favorite dish that I'm still obsessing over is the squid strands paired with iberico jamon and black truffles ("When the broad ocean leans against the Spanish land"). Here are some photos of the dishes we had in order:  

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