Tasty Food from Outside Lands 2013

Last Saturday, Patrick and I went to the Outside Lands Festival. While Patrick was most excited to see Nine Inch Nails live, I didn't care much for this year's music line-up and was really excited for the great food line-up instead. 

Here are a few of the things we got, along with some photos:

  1. Rich Table's porcini donuts
  2. Rich Table's Sardine Chips
  3. Farmstead Tasting Table's charcuterie plate
  4. Farmerbrown's Little Skillet's fried chicken, corn bread, and mac & cheese.
  5. Andalu's crispy mac and cheese
  6. Big Chef Tom's pork belly burger
  7. Huge peanut butter cup & smores bar

Of all the items above, the porcini donuts were my absolute favorite; nicely fried dough with porcini powder served with whipped raclette - amazing! Little Skillet's fried chicken's is fantastic as always. The huge peanut butter cup and smores bar for $8 a piece was completely worth it.

I can only hope that other festivals can use Outside Lands as an example of what type of food they should consider having at their next event.


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