There's No Place Like Homestead (Restaurant Review) - North Oakland

Maine lobster, roasted in fireplace, with bone marrow and
fennel. Photo credit:  @homesteadoakland's Instagram

Maine lobster, roasted in fireplace, with bone marrow and fennel.
Photo credit: @homesteadoakland's Instagram

Homestead is a new farm-to-table restaurant that opened up around mid-August 2013 in North Oakland's Piedmont Avenue neighborhood. To give you a quick overview, the owners are husband-and-wife duo, Fred and Elizabeth Sassen. Their background consists of working at Farallon, Waterbar, and Camino. The general manager is Abigail Reser, who used to work at Bay Wolf.

I've been waiting for Homestead to open, following the updates from different online food channels. Patrick and I went to visit Homestead last Friday and we both were completely blown away by their amazing food, presentation, great service, warm and inviting ambiance, as well as their beautiful open kitchen design and wood burning fireplace. Homestead focuses on comforting but sophisticated, high-quality, seasonal, and locally sourced food. Little did I know that it turned out to be the best meal that I've ever had this year.

Homestead is a small restaurant, seating 49 people comfortably. The space is cozy but not stuffy, which is due to the thought they put into designing their restaurant with tall glass walls, allowing diners to feel like the space is open. The space is beautiful and they have a great color scheme.

The price is in line with the neighborhood, $9-$16 for the first course and $18-$25+ for entrees.  

To begin with, we were served some house-baked bread and sea salt butter, which was fantastic. The bread was great and the butter was very well made.

For the first course, we ordered and shared the squid escabeche which consisted of sweet corn, avocado, and a cumin cracker. The squid was grilled and then marinated with lemon, olive oil, and salt. Loved the complimentary flavors. The texture of the squid was perfect, nice to bite.

The next item we shared was the pork sugo with pappardelle. The pappardelle was made of wheat flour, giving it a unique texture that's almost a bit more dense but in a good way. It was simple but everything was flavorful. Delicious.

For my entrée, I ordered the Maine lobster, roasted in their fireplace, with bone marrow and fennel. The presentation was beautiful. The lobster was absolutely delicious; it was the best lobster dish I've ever had in my life. The cook and  texture of the lobster was perfect - very silky and buttery. The lobster appeared to be quickly poached then roasted. I loved the richness of the marrow and lobster combo. The fennel was nicely roasted and went great with the lobster. This dish was a special that was off-menu; I hope they offer it again soon. 

For dessert, we shared a slice of pineapple upside down cake. It was scrumptious! It had a great dense texture and I loved the blueberries on there. 

I love Homestead. If I could, I would have that entire dining experience over and over again with the exact same items I ordered on my first visit. I've already made my next reservation and expect to frequently dine in. I know I'm going to have a great relationship with Homestead. There's no other place like it :)

Homestead, 4029 Piedmont Ave. Oakland, CA 94611
Open Tuesday – Saturday
5 – 10 pm

Closed Sunday and Monday

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