Hello, I'm Brenda Ton! 

Brenda Ton

I'm a loyal SF bay area native living in San Pablo. I am extremely passionate about food because it's how I connect with people and how I show my love and affection. What I love the most about food is it has the ability to bring people of all sorts, shapes, and sizes together. I enjoy learning about food and spirits history, culture, and techniques, then making use of what I've learned and applying it at home. 

My husband is a wonderful guy named Patrick. He has a background in culinary arts and works as a wholesale vegetable salesman, so we get the perks of cooking with lots of fun vegetables. He does a lot of the cooking at home and is my favorite all-time home chef, next to my mom. 

Together we like to explore food experiences and local food establishments. We also practice buying locally produced food. When my mind isn't fixated on food, you can find me biking around the Berkeley marina or exploring the local street art scene. 

Brenda Ton and Patrick Linkous

Some more about me... 

  • I am Vietnamese-American. My love for Vietnamese food runs deep. 
  • I have a weakness for salty pig parts, heavily marbled meat, crispy fried chicken thighs, wild mushrooms and salted caramel ice cream. 
  • If I had to choose my last meal on earth, it would be my mom's bun bo hue or pho bo with bone marrows. 
  • My favorite local chefs are Sophina Uong and John Blevins. 
  • During the weekday, I run digital marketing for the world's largest game engine.  


Want to say hello? 

You can reach me at: tonbrenda[at]gmail.com


Photo Credit - Headshot: Laquel Wright Photography
Photo Credit - Wedding: Encarnacion Photography